About Us

Time Equities, Inc. has a diverse industrial portfolio in every region of the country. Currently totaling more than five million square feet in 42 buildings, properties are located in primary markets such as Miami, FL, Queens, NY and Washington D.C., as well as smaller markets like Toledo, OH and Florence, KY. Time Equities' Industrial Portfolio includes warehouses, storage and garages. This diversity extends to its tenants, which range from international corporations to small local businesses. Whether you are looking for a 350,000 square feet warehouse or a 350 square feet space, contact us to see if we have an available space that's right for you.

Time Equities, Inc. is a full service real estate firm actively involved in the acquisition, development, conversion and management of commercial (office, retail, industrial) and residential properties throughout the US, Canada and Germany. To view the TEI master site, please click here.